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Commercial induction cooker to see how the wire plate to determine the quality or bad!

Issuing time:2018-05-11 16:01

Commercial induction coil and circuit board on the high-voltage capacitor oscillation generated electromagnetic waves, and the electromagnetic waves up.

The insulation strength and temperature resistance of the enameled wire of the high power induction coil have a great influence on the stability of the furnace.

Đài xổ sốHigh-Power Induction cooker Coil This device in the electromagnetic furnace, but the impact of the use of various manufacturers of the material will be relatively large difference: The main difference is as follows: (1) The selection of the material of the line. Copper wire is the best suitable material, from the day copper wire resistivity is small, the use of the process of less heat, high efficiency, and long service life.

But at present, some manufacturers in order to save the cost of using copper clad aluminum or aluminum wire production, such induction cooker in the use of the process is prone to excessive temperature, which affects the service life. (2) The number of lines used. The same is a sense plate, some sensors are 45 strands of production line, and some only 20 strands of production. This can be seen in the diameter of the disk. If you are using a smaller diameter disk, that is to save the cost.

Commercial high-power induction cooker currently uses 60 units (30KW) and 45 strands (20KW) of the induction coil. (3) The temperature resistance of the line. If the temperature is low, the line will be cheaper.

Đài xổ sốAt present, the induction plate used in induction cooker has the main temperature of 200 ℃ and temperature-resistant 140 ℃ two kinds of lines.

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