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How to select electricity Tao-Xiao Bian to teach you the selection of electrical Tao skills

Issuing time:2018-05-11 16:00

Đài xổ sốIn everyone's daily life, is not always contact with the Electric pottery stove it? Many parents will have doubts, what are the advantages of electric pottery furnace? How to choose the Electric pottery stove specifically? The following is about the advantages of Tao and electrical Tao classification information, electricity Tao divided into two kinds, specifically which is suitable for you?

You may as well follow the small knitting together to see.

How to select Tao-Tao Advantages of electric power Electric Tao is an electric stove, but the use of a lot of new materials and new technology, the performance of the electric furnace to the extreme. Its energy-saving, long life, safety is not an old-fashioned electric furnace can be compared. Personally think the biggest advantage of the Electric pottery furnace is not to pick the pot, firepower easy to control. Suitable for small and medium fire, such as fried fish, soup. Occasionally can also be used for barbecue. If used for cooking, whether it is induction cooker or electric Tao basically can not compare with the gas, the Chinese cooking habit is fire, the current electricity is basically not up to this requirement. Electric Tao can be fired violently, because the temperature is relatively high, can store a lot of heat on the glass. is to start waiting for the glass completely hot, and then the fierce heat release, you can have a bit of the feeling of speculation.

Later, there is insufficient stamina.

How to choose electric Tao-electric Tao classification and purchase method Now the scheme of electric Tao is nothing more than two kinds, one is mechanical type, one is electronic type. With a mechanical fire control switch can work, the outside is generally metal shell, very strong. The general use of a 3, 5 years is very easy things, that is, the price is higher, most of the stove or use the import plate. The initial use will be somewhat unaccustomed, as firepower is controlled by the ratio of power and time to power off. At the top of the temperature, the tropical light up for a while to extinguish. Accustomed to also good, because the glass stored a lot of heat, the temperature between the power cut will not be a big deviation. There is another kind of electronic type. A thermocouple is held out from the center's circular hole, and then the heat signal is transmitted to the circuit board for control. Disk core are domestic, uneven level, good materials and crafts are also close to foreign countries, the poor can only say that there is this shape bar. Usually with plastic shell, also equipped with fan cooling. The accurate collection of thermal signals also requires technology, if not, if the temperature is low to boil water, or high to the glass are burned. It is suggested that consumers choose more formal manufacturers. Electronic use will be more convenient, electronic than machinery easier to implement functions.

Đài xổ sốE-type electric Tao price will be slightly more expensive than the cooker price. Through the introduction of small series, I believe that we all have an understanding of the electric Tao. The electric Tao is divided into two kinds, one is mechanical, the other is electronic. In fact, both are good or bad, specific to how to choose or to see everyone in the daily life of the actual needs and all aspects of consideration. Hope that the introduction of small series can be helpful to everyone.

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