Fun whimsical art with dog pirates playing poker and pirate dogs by whimsical artist Jake Hose.
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Fun whimsical art with pirate dogs playing poker in the Caribbean. Dogs include; pit bull, Chihuahua, basset found, pug, St. Bernard, bull terrier, and a German Shepherd! Art by Jake Hose, prints are available!

Read the story behind Dogs of the Caribbean, click here:

Art title: “Dogs of the Caribbean” signed by Jake Hose

Size: 11x14 inches including a white border around the art.

Medium: Fine art paper

Shipping in the USA: 7.50 (contact us for international rates)

Orders normally ship: Within 2 days

Return Policy: 100% money back guarantee

  • Item #: 75-1114-2016
  • Condition: New

Dogs of the Caribbean, dogs playing poker art print by Jake Hose

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